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Family Art Club Dundee

admin admin  •  2020-09-30  •  Dundee  • 

Family Art Club Dundee
Family Art Club Dundee

Investment project code: 11

Family Art Club is a partnership between local people, the Steeple Church and the city’s creative community. The project aims to encourage new friendships by bringing together people who may not otherwise meet in a safe environment at this challenging time. People who may not regularly get involved in this kind of activity will have an equal opportunity to participate. Families with children of all ages will be able to attend arts based sessions within various local, easily accessible green spaces. Six creative sessions will be delivered at locations across the city including parks, grass areas and community garden spaces. With the help of professional artists each family will create their own designs inspired by nature and using natural materials such as leaves or twigs.

Children will also learn important skills in conservation through planting in pots or raised beds and litter picking. Images of the artworks will be displayed online: , enabling many more people to share in the positivity and contribute with pictures of their own creative endeavours! Families, friends and the wider community will be invited to an exhibition of the work at the Steeple Church next June.


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