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Forebank Road Pocket Park

admin admin  •  2020-09-30  •  Dundee  • 

Forebank Road Pocket Park
Forebank Road Pocket Park

Investment project code: 12

Forebank Road Pocket Park is a small area of recreational ground tucked down a residential street in Coldside. Previously a playpark then a small scenic seating area, the park has fallen into poor condition recently, with overgrown bushes, overflowing bins and growing areas choked with weeds. During lockdown, some local residents rediscovered the potential of this wee park. They posted flyers nearby and brought together a group of people to reinvigorate the space. The first meeting saw 18 people from age 6 to 70 come along to share their memories of and ideas for the park. Since then, volunteers have been meeting weekly to clear away the litter and weeds, touch up the peeling paint and begin planting. We’d love to continue bringing this park back to life, transforming it into a place local people want to spend time outdoors with friends and neighbours. Your vote could help us buy tools, plants and fruit trees, craft materials for kids and equipment to help us run some great events. We have loads of imagination, enthusiasm and smiles to put into this project.


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