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On The Streets

admin admin  •  2020-09-30  •  Dundee  • 

On The Streets
On The Streets

Investment project code: 14

Hot Chocolate work with 300-400 young people each year from across Dundee. Life is difficult for most of them, and we’re privileged that they share their stories with us. We try to make Hot Chocolate feel like 'the opposite of trauma'; for them: that we're safe, trustworthy, empowering,collaborative, consistent, supportive. And, crucially, that we see them asthey are: full of energy, skill and brilliance. Lockdown made their life tougher (79% said their mental health deteriorated, 50% were worse off financially) and its impacts are hitting young people disproportionately (numbers not in education/employment doubled since March).

Hot Chocolate stayed alongside (online, by phone, taking walks) and are re-building youth work opportunities and support they can rely on. Your support would help our outdoor drop-in (3 nights a week) and street work in the city centre: youth workers creating a homely, safe place where young people can find company and support, and reaching out to connect with those struggling to connect.

Creative online and indoor work will continue alongside but the commitment to be with young people where they are and to be consistent through the uncertainties of Covid restrictions makes our outdoor work essential even into the Dundee winter.


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