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Dudhope Community Garden

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Dudhope Community Garden
Dudhope Community Garden

Investment project code: 15

As we can’t use our indoor facilities we are currently focussing on our outdoor activities - our ‘Community Garden Project’. Our Garden Project helps people of all ages to engage in outdoor activity, coming together, tending the garden, using the fresh produce for cooking etc. There are the soothing effects of gardening, overcoming health problems, and catering to those who suffer from a disability and stress related conditions. We have designed our garden space to make it more accessible for anyone, including with a disability. Gardening gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine, and it also helps with blood circulation. Those attending the project told us this is their main point of social contact which provides them with the important source of support. Doing a shared activity leads to the formation of friendships, friendship is an integral part of the community garden experience. Clients and volunteers described how they considered other project users to be friends and were also keen for existing friends outside the project to join. This grant would also help us repair our greenhouse and buy some key items needed for the planters. It would also help us promote it and attract more participants.


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