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Dundee Remembers

admin admin  •  2020-10-07  •  Dundee  • 

Dundee Remembers
Dundee Remembers

Investment project code: 16

Funeral Link would like your assistance to help us support those in our community who have experienced a recent death, regardless of the cause, and are experiencing grief. We are planning a series of remembrance activities over the coming six months, in partnership with others in our community, with a theme of supporting those whose loved one has died recently. From the dedication of a memorial bench to the lighting of a candle whilst apart we wish to providea feeling of togetherness. Nothing could have prepared us for what has happened, and is continuing to happen, to those we love in our community; so many of us have been affected both in our personal and professional lives by the impact Covid-19 has had. By helping our community to be more open about grief and loss we aim to help those around us whom we love and also help the generation who come after us to be more open about the impact grief can have. If we can come together physically to do this, we will do. If not, then Funeral Link would like those who are experiencing loss to feel more connected whilst they are having to be apart.





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