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Running Recovery

admin admin  •  2020-10-07  •  Dundee  • 

Running Recovery
Running Recovery

Investment project code: 21

Working alongside a student from Dundee university, we would like to set up a small running group.

The Student is working on a research piece looks at the benefits of running/exercise in recovery. We would love to have a small group of folk that use our service to participate in this. It would start slowly, walking/jogging before progressing. We would show them how to stretch properly and how to pace themselves, setting realistic goals. It has been recognised in a variety of studies that physical exercise can aid in recovery from substance misuse and benefit immensely in an individual's ongoing mental wellbeing. Goals set then reached show will improve the individual's self-worth and enable them to realise that even greater goals can be overcome with the proper support. As a runner myself I have seen this benefit both personally and in others who I have met through various running forums. In the current climate, running itself is able to take place in small groups of socially distanced individuals. We would need funding to buy appropriate running trainers and clothing. Once we are up and running we would go out once or twice a week with individuals and encourage them to do the same themselves.


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