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Taught by Muhammad - Support Cafe on Wheels

admin admin  •  2020-10-15  •  Dundee  • 

Support Cafe on Wheels
Support Cafe on Wheels

Investment project code: 22

We want to introduce our Support Cafe on Wheels. Due to the current circumstances, all of our operations have come to a pause apart from our Foodbank. With council community centres being closed we are unable to open all 5 of our support cafes, therefore we are planning to run our Support Café on Wheels – we will take a free hot lunch to the most isolated clients who were attending our support cafes.

We will deliver this to their door, ensuring social distance measures and guidance is in place. This not only provides them with a hot meal once a week but helps tackle social isolation and improve mental health and well-being by engaging with them directly. We’ll take time to listen and chat, so they know they’re not alone. We will focus on the regeneration areas where our support cafes were based, these are areas where people are faced with higher unemployment and lower incomes. Because we have built a wide range of partnerships with many other organisations across the city, we will be able to refer clients on to them, if they are experiencing difficulty or require support.


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